What can happen after a parole violation?

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Memphis residents who have been convicted of a crime and spent time in prison may be released from prison on parole. Being released on parole means that the person needs to follow certain guidelines or they can face serious penalties. If a person is found guilty of a parole violation there are some things that can happen next.

A probation violation can be a serious matter. When a probation officer finds out about the probation violation they can determine what should happen. The probation officer may issue the offender a warning or they may require the person to go to court. The officer may consider how serious the violation was, what the violation was, and if there have been any other violations or warnings in the past. If a court date is required, the sentencing judge will hear the case and determine whether the terms of probation were violated. If a judge believes the probation violation occurred they will issue a sentence. The sentence could increase the length of probation, require jail time, or revoke the probation and force the defendant to serve out the remainder of probation time in prison.

A probation violation can be very serious. If a person is facing a possible probation violation they may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. An attorney can help defend the person and represent their clients in a probation violation hearing. They can point out how well a person has been doing on probation and advocate for the continuation of the current probation arrangements.

Probation is a way for a person to leave prison under a set of rules. When the rules have been violated a person risks going back to prison. A defense attorney can help make sure their client gets to tell their side of the story and can help them keep their current probation arrangement.

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