Woman faces assault charges after Memphis shooting

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Memphis residents are subjected to media reports of violence every day on the TV. The media constantly runs reports of violence, assaults, shooting and other crimes in Memphis. Those who are accused of these violent crimes can face a public backlash, ruined reputation, and a long prison sentence. Still, like most things in life there are two sides to every story.

A woman was arrested this past Sunday after shooting into a crowd in the parking lot of the Crystal Palace Skating Center in Memphis. While the mother was in the parking lot she learned that one of her daughters had gotten into a fight with a teen. She then allegedly fired a gun into the crowd in the parking lot. Two teenagers were taken to a hospital. The mother has since been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Memphis residents who are facing assault charges may feel like their side of the story is not being heard. The mere accusation of assault is enough for everyone to believe that they did it and should face prison time and have the key thrown away. A defendant thus needs a strong ally on his or her side in order to face any type of criminal charges, but especially those involving violent crimes.

An attorney who specializes in criminal defense can help the accused tell their version of what happened and mount a defense that includes scientific evidence. This may entail crime scene reconstruction, review of medical records, firearms testing and additional elements. A well-planned defense strategy is important in negotiating a settlement and perhaps avoiding jail time.

A person who is accused of a violent crime can feel like the whole world is against them. It is important for a defendant to have a chance to defend themselves and their actions and to make sure their voice is heard in court.

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