We stand by those arrested for drunk driving?

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Being arrested for drunk driving in Tennessee is a frightening occurrence for most people. Police can appear to be out to get you and not listen to your side of the story. If you are convicted, then your personal reputation can be ruined and you may lose your job because you won’t be able to drive for a period of time.

Those who are facing a drunk driving conviction can face some serious penalties. Law enforcement and the public have zero tolerance for those who are arrested for drunk driving and fighting the drunk driving charges can seem like an uphill battle. Yet, those who fail to put on a proper defense may face jail time, potential fines in the thousands of dollars, and license suspension. Each subsequent conviction brings even more jail time, fines, and longer license suspension.

Our firm has been helping people who are facing drunk driving charges for years. We have the experience necessary to take on cases and make sure their voice is being heard. Our Memphis law firm can aggressively defend against these charges by examining the procedures surrounding an arrest, examining what led to the reasonable suspicion of being pulled over, BAC reading accuracy, and improperly calibrated testing equipment.

Our firm is in the business of protecting futures. A drunk driving conviction can bring serious consequences, financially, professionally, and personally. We have the skills and experience necessary to help make sure our clients’ voices are heard in the courtroom and we will fight the good fight on their behalf.


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