Drunk driving patrols increasing through Labor Day in Tennessee

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Most Tennessee residents know the dangers of drinking and driving and the penalties a drunk driving conviction can bring. Drunk driving is a serious offense in Tennessee and those who are convicted can face license suspension, fines and other penalties.

A statewide campaign aimed at drunk drivers has kicked off in Tennessee and runs through Labor Day. Local police departments along with statewide law enforcement will partner with increasing DWI patrols, installing checkpoints and advertising the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Tennessee had over 6,600 DWI-related crashes in 2014, and law enforcement believes that driving while intoxicated is a problem for many drivers.

Drivers who have been arrested for DWI can feel scared and alone. They can feel like everyone is out to get them and to ruin their reputation. License suspension can also impact a person’s livelihood and their family’s well-being. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can aggressively defend their client against these serious charges. They are well skilled in what can go wrong in a DWI prosecution including faulty roadside testing equipment and inaccurate blood alcohol content level readings. They can explore every avenue to make sure their client’s voice is heard in court.

Increased DWI patrols will be on Tennessee roads through Labor Day. It is important for all drivers to be safe drivers. When a DWI arrest threatens to negatively impact a person’s life a criminal defense attorney is there to help. It is important for a person arrested for DWI to take the charges seriously and to consider getting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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