Shelby County man accused of domestic violence arrested

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When there is an incident of domestic assault, the accusations can be flying from all directions. Domestic assault is a major problem across Memphis and the United States. But because it is such an emotional situation, stories can be embellished and circumstances changed.

A Shelby County man wanted on seven warrants was arrested in another state last week. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office posted 50 photos on Facebook of people who were wanted on domestic assault charges asking for the public’s help in tracking them down. The man reportedly commented on the Facebook post of himself saying that he was in another state. Authorities worked with that state’s authorities and had him arrested. He had been wanted for alleged harassment, domestic violence and theft.

A person who has been arrested for assault can feel like the whole world is against them. Assault is a crime that not many people tolerate, and most want that person who is accused of the crime put away for a long prison sentence. Those who are accused of assault may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney has experience in helping his client through these tough legal situations. They are able to have their client tell his side of the story and negotiate with the prosecution if appropriate. The accused has legal rights that need to be protected.

An assault conviction can affect a person’s life forever. It can lead to a prison sentence and a damaged personal and professional reputation. An attorney skilled in criminal defense can help a person fight these charges and give them a voice.

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