Teacher arrested for prostitution and running a strip club

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When a Memphis resident is accused of a crime it can ruin their entire professional and personal life. Many crimes that are committed in Memphis are covered by the local media. But when a person with a significant role in a community, like a teacher, is accused of a crime like prostitution it can become a media circus.

A Shelby County teacher from Raleigh-Egypt High School has been accused of running an illegal strip club, promoting prostitution and other crimes. Memphis police have been running an undercover investigation of Walt’s Place on Commerce Circle. Over 4 months an officer visited the place several times and allegedly made 8 prostitution deals. The owner allegedly set the prices to have sex with the employees. He also did not have a liquor license and did not pay a liquor tax. The club is now closed. The man has been charged with promoting prostitution, storage of liquor for sale, unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages, and money laundering.

Teachers work hard to earn their well-respected professional reputation. In a second it can be taken away with just an accusation of a sex crime or other impropriety. A damage to reputation can ruin a person’s career forever along with the penalties of prison time and fines. It is important for a person accused of a serious crime to contact a legal professional skilled in criminal defense. An attorney can help a person tell his side of the story by aggressively defending his interests and negotiating with the prosecution.

A teacher or other professional accused of a serious crime can face serious penalties. It is important for those who are accused of a crime to protect their legal rights.

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