Man threatens to kill woman at Memphis Walmart

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In Memphis, violent crimes like assault are aggressively prosecuted. An assault conviction can bring serious penalties and a long prison sentence.

A man has been accused of threatening to kill a woman at a Memphis area Walmart. The woman told police that the defendant pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her. This allegedly happened at the Walmart in the 3900 block of Austin Peay Highway. The victim told police that the man left and then returned and allegedly threatened to shoot her. Police arrested the defendant and claim that while he was being handcuffed he ran from them. Police eventually caught him and took him into custody. He has been charged with evading arrest, aggravated assault, and resisting official detention.

An assault charge can change a person’s life forever. These are serious charges that can ruin a person’s personal and professional reputation along with their family life. A person who is sentenced to prison time can lose their job and their family’s way of supporting themselves. It is important for those who are accused of a serious crime to make sure their rights are being protected. There are two sides to every story and an experienced criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate with the prosecution and receive the best possible outcome for their client.

Everything is on the line when a person is charged with a serious crime such as assault. It is important that defendants know they still have their legal rights.

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