Drunk driver causes serious crash near Wolfchase Galleria

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In Memphis, drunk driving is a serious crime. Police are always on the lookout for those who appear to be driving while drunk. If a person is convicted of drunk driving there can be very serious penalties including license suspension.

A driver suspected of being drunk crashed into another car this past Friday night outside the Longhorn Steakhouse at Highway 64. The man allegedly ran a red light and crashed into another car. He then fled the scene on foot but police later caught him. A man and fiancée were in the car that was hit and were taken to a local hospital. The driver faces multiple charges including evading arrest, driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries, driving with no license, and reckless driving among others.

When a person has been arrested for drunk driving they can feel ashamed and alone. Everyone makes mistakes and there can be many things that go wrong during a DUI traffic stop, including malfunctioning breath analysis equipment. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense could be a person’s best ally when they are facing these serious charges. They are able to investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest and determine if there were any extenuating conditions. They can negotiate with the prosecution and help make sure a person’s personal and professional life remains as uninterrupted as possible.

No one sets out believing they will be arrested for a DUI. Mistakes can happen and a legal professional is there to help make sure the mistakes don’t lead to a lifetime of problems for the defendant.

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