Pregnant woman allegedly murdered

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Many Memphis residents are likely concerned about the high crime rate in their city. Sometimes, it can seem like every newspaper story or television report involves a violent crime such as murder. Because Memphis residents are so tired of violent crime in their city those who are convicted of these crimes can face serious penalties.

A pregnant woman was murdered in the Whitehaven neighborhood on January 10 and there are two killers still on the loose after one was recently arrested. The man arrested and in jail is believed to be involved in the killing. Two others allegedly involved are still on the run. The woman and her boyfriend were shot and killed when the alleged killer went to their back door and knocked. The boyfriend and the pregnant woman answered the door and were shot. Memphis police believe three people were involved in the shooting.

Murder is one of the most serious crimes a person can commit. There is endless media attention paid to it and once someone is arrested on homicide charges, the public often immediately believes that person is guilty. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help a client face with such charges tell his or her side of the story. An attorney can create a defense strategy which may include an alibi, self-defense, diminished capacity and scientific evidence. Because a homicide conviction can bring serious consequences like a lifetime in prison, it is important for a defendant to have an experienced defense attorney on their side.

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