Are you facing criminal charges because you defended yourself?

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Crime is all too common in our country. People are victims of violent assaults, home invasions and robberies all the time. Occasionally, someone who would be a victim fights back. When that happens, it’s possible for the victim of a crime to end up charged with one instead.

Maybe you used your hands, purse or feet to defend yourself by hitting an attacker. Maybe you feared for your life and defended yourself with a firearm. Whatever the scenario, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You shouldn’t speak to law enforcement without a lawyer.

You may know that you were just defending yourself, but law enforcement may see it differently. You could get asked leading questions and end up unintentionally implicating yourself of a crime. Whether it was a fistfight, an attempted robbery or a home invasion, you may struggle to prove your version of events to police. Anything you say can be used against you in court to make you look guilty of a crime, like assault, weapons charges or even homicide. Don’t risk your future and your freedom by throwing yourself on the mercy of local law enforcement.

Self defense isn’t against the law, but you may have to prove it

You have every legal and moral right to defend yourself if you believe yourself or your family to be in danger. It’s possible to face criminal charges for a wide range of actions after you’re forced to defend yourself. Anything from firing a warning shot to acknowledging that you could have walked away at some point could cause you problems.

Especially if the only accounts of the situation are yours and the other person’s, it may be difficult to convince law enforcement of your self-defense scenario. When that happens, it’s possible you will face criminal charges.

Key to a strong defense

An experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney can help you at every step in the investigation process. You want an attorney there to speak up on your behalf during your initial interaction with law enforcement. An attorney can also help you respond to any charges you may face.

Creating a strong and thorough criminal defense will be key to convincing a jury and judge that you acted in self defense. Witness statements, physical evidence and even security camera footage can help build your case.

The more serious the crime, the more critical a strong defense becomes. You could face life in prison or even the death penalty if you’re accused of murder. Your attorney can help you with criminal charges and ensure you don’t implicate yourself after acting in self-defense.


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