How can I get treatment for alcoholism?

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If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Memphis, your problems likely extend beyond the legal. Trouble with the law is often a sign of alcohol addiction, which can ultimately impact every area of your life. Getting treatment is vital in this case, especially when faced with the possibility of jail time. If you’re in search of treatment, Healthline explains the different options that are available.


For long-term and severe alcohol addictions, detox is a necessary step in the recovery process. As alcohol leaves the body people may experience a range of troubling symptoms, including tremors, hallucinations, and even convulsions, all of which can be extremely dangerous. That’s why detoxing at a hospital or another type of medical facility is preferred.


Underlying mental health issues may contribute to problem drinking. Counseling is used to deal with these issues while also allowing a person to develop new coping mechanisms. This is crucial when leaving an inpatient treatment program, as some people have trouble transitioning back to daily life. Support groups are also helpful. They provide a secure environment to work through the recovery process, while also allowing you to connect with others experiencing the same issues.


The physical effects of alcohol are another contributing factor in addiction. Treating these effects is just as important as addressing mental health, which is why medications are often used. Some medications will actually make a person sick when drinking, while others reduce cravings, which is essential during recovery. Medications often have the greatest impact when used in conjunction with counseling, especially when it comes to long-term recovery.


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