Can you support your efforts to find a job after prison?

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Once you have been released from prison in Tennessee, you face the challenges of rebuilding your life and working relentlessly to put your past behind you. Despite your knowledge that you have changed and are committed to making something of your future, other people may not recognize those changes right away and it will take time for you to rebuild that trust. However, with perseverance and determination, you can make progress happen. 

An immediate need will be your ability to acquire employment that will allow you to support yourself and your needs. According to Chron, employers can legally deny you employment based off of your criminal past. As such, you may need to be extra vigilant in marketing yourself as someone who has changed and is committed to supporting the company you are applying for. You may consider seeking professional assistance in helping you prepare for employment, clean up your resume and practice job interview tactics. During your interview, you may discuss how a company’s decision to hire you can provide tax benefits to them because of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. 

Something you can be actively working on as you seek employment and even afterward, is clearing up your record. Depending on your eligibility and the requirements you have met, you may be able to expunge certain items from your record after a specific period of time. It is important that you pay close attention to the application, as well as make sure that you have met all of the requirements before you submit your request for your record to be cleared. 

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