Memphis police believe that they have arrested a person who has been involved in a robbery spree in Memphis and Mississippi over the last three months. Based on evidence accumulated in the case, the police have concluded that they have apprehended one member of a small group of men who have carried out assorted robberies in Memphis and Mississippi involving automobiles, store break ins and muggings.

Police were first called to an apartment on Piping Rock Drive on October 14. The victim told police that he was parking his car when three men, two of whom were armed, carjacked him. On the same day, a woman also told police that her car was stolen from the same apartment complex. She said that her car was followed from the parking lot by the same model that had been stolen earlier in the day. The same suspects are also alleged to have stolen two more cars on December 8 and January 11.

The alleged crime spree is also said to have included break ins at a local liquor store. The alleged robbers are alleged to have attempted to break into a liquor store by throwing an automobile jack at its windows. The suspects were apparently unable to gain entry, but according to the store’s owner, about $600 worth of alcohol was stolen.

Memphis police eventually received help from the Horn Lake Police Department. The Horn Lake police were investigating a business burglary in which the suspects’ descriptions matched the suspects in the Memphis cases. The Horn Lake police said that they found a cell phone at the crime scene, and information on the phone was used by Memphis police to identify and later arrested the suspect. The remaining suspects appear to remain at large.

The United States and Tennessee constitutions guarantee every criminal defendant the right to be presumed innocent, be represented by counsel and to receive a speedy and fair trial. The defendant in this case has the same rights, but anyone who is facing similar charges may wish to consult with an experienced criminal attorney to evaluate the evidence and the crimes alleged and to consider the wisdom of attempting to reach a favorable plea agreement with the prosecution.


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