The Mental and Physical Components of a Murder Charge

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Murder is an incredibly serious criminal charge in Tennessee and other jurisdictions throughout the country. It involves the death of a person at the hands of another person. Allegations of murder must be supported by facts and evidence, and prosecutors who choose to pursue murder charges must be able to demonstrate that the relevant evidence satisfies the elements of the murder charges they wish to prove.

It is important that with all serious criminal charges that individuals speak with defense attorneys about their own cases. As readers may know, many different charges may fall under the category of murder and each has its own specific requirements of proof. This post’s general overview of information is not intended to provide any legal advice or guidance.

Different types of murder charges vary, but at their core they each generally include two specific components: intent and action. In other words, a person must have some level of mental awareness or intent to cause another person’s death, and they must do or omit to do something in order to bring about that death.

Levels of intent may change based on the type of murder charged. For example, premeditation, or advanced planning, of a murder may result in a first-degree murder charge. Additionally, knowingly disregarding posted speed limits and causing a car accident fatality may lead to a different associated charge.

Murder charges generally require individuals to do something that causes another person’s death. They may also cause a death by omission. An omission happens when a person does not do something that may have prevented the deceased party from dying.

There is a significant range of charges, elements, and defenses that individuals may face when murder is alleged. Getting help early in a murder case can help an individual protect their rights and legal options for the future.


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