No matter the charge, understanding defense options is crucial

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Most people in Tennessee never find themselves inside of a jail or in a courtroom, let alone charged with a serious crime. The criminal justice system can be intimidating to those who do not know what to expect, who don’t know their constitutional rights and who may be questioning whether or not they will receive fair treatment from law enforcement and court officials. However, no matter the charge a person might face, it is important to understand and start thinking about criminal defense options as soon as possible after an arrest.

In both state and federal criminal cases, defendants have constitutional rights that must be protected. Many people probably don’t think about their constitutional rights on any given day, but when a person is caught up in the criminal justice process those rights are paramount. Any violation of a criminal defendant’s rights could, potentially, end up with the case being dismissed. A sound criminal defense strategy will take this potential strategy into account.

In some cases, pressing the matter all the way to a jury trial could be a prudent move. After all, criminal defendants are presumed to be “innocent until proven guilty,” as we have all heard before. It is the prosecutor’s burden to prove a defendant’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

However, the vast majority of criminal cases in Tennessee and throughout the country end with a plea agreement. But, that doesn’t mean that defendants should just take the first deal offered by the prosecution. Pressing for the best possible deal – perhaps with a more lenient sentence or reduced charges – may be the best strategy in any given case. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Tennessee residents who are facing these difficult decisions, please visit our website.


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