Prescription drug charges may result in serious penalties

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If you are someone who takes a controlled substance as a prescription medication, it’s important that you do understand that you could face penalties if you are caught with more of the drug than you are supposed to have, if you’re impaired and drive while using the drug or you don’t have proof of a prescription. If you sell your drugs or even just give them away to someone you know, you could also be charged.

Prescription drugs, especially prescription opioid medications, have been a cause of concern among many people in the last decade or longer. Since the opioid crisis and epidemic began, there have been a series of crackdowns on those who obtain these prescription medications due to a growing number of overdose deaths (1,776 in 2017). You may have found that it’s harder to buy opioids or that your doctor is less willing to give you the medications you need.

Patients in crisis may face penalties for seeking medications

Another way that patients end up facing penalties is by seeking drugs that their medical providers simply will not give them any longer due to restrictions on opioids. Doctor shopping, which happens when a patient sees multiple doctors to try to get a prescription filled or refilled, can lead to an arrest and subsequent charges even when a patient does need the medications they’re seeking.

Buying medications on the black market is also a serious concern, because those who cannot get their medications from a legitimate source may turn to any source where they believe they can find the authentic drugs.

What should you do if you face prescription drug charges?

If you face prescription drug charges because you were caught seeking opioids at multiple doctors’ offices or because you had medications without a prescription, it’s important to focus on defending yourself. You deserve an opportunity to protect yourself while working toward a solution that will help you get the medications and care that you need.

Many people have found themselves in difficult situations related to the opioid crisis, so it’s valuable to look into how the law can help.


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