Do not talk about your criminal case on social media 

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One of the most important things to remember if you’re facing criminal charges is that you should never talk about your case on social media. We live in an age in which people are often tempted to put everything online, but you really do not want to do this when talking about criminal charges.

What you must remember is that some of the information may be confidential and you’re not allowed to discuss it anyway. But beyond that, even if you are technically allowed to talk about your case, social media can be used as evidence against you.

For example, if you make any comments about what occurred or your role in it, the prosecution can certainly bring those comments up in court. They may even claim that something you said counts as a confession that you committed a crime. You didn’t make an official confession, and maybe you feel that they are misconstruing your words, but this whole situation wouldn’t have happened if those words hadn’t been written on social media in the first place.

Save your comments until your case is over

People sometimes want to post on social media about the case because they want friends and family members to know what’s happening. They want to protect their own reputation. They feel like they are innocent, and they want to tell their side of the story.

This desire is completely understandable. But what you should do is wait until your case is over. After that, you’re free to explain what happened and tell your side of the story to anyone else. But doing it in advance is just too much of a risk. Take the time to look into the legal steps you can take to protect your reputation, instead.


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