Stopped for drunk driving? Don’t do these 2 things

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If the police stop you on suspicion of drunk driving, understanding how to behave will increase your chances of a successful resolution.

The pressure of the situation, however, means that some people do things that worsen their situation. Here are two you should always avoid:

1. Panicking and fleeing

You feel nervous as you sit in the driver’s seat with the police approaching the car or standing at your window. You know you had a drink and while you’re sure you did not drink enough to be over the limit, your mind starts racing. What if the drink was stronger than I thought? What if I fail the tests and end up arrested? 

You know a conviction would make life incredibly complicated for the next few months and you make a split-second decision to move the car out of neutral and hit the gas. That could have all sorts of nasty consequences, both physical and legal, so whatever is running through your mind, stay sat where you are until the police tell you that you can go.

2. Admitting to drinking

Traffic cops use all sorts of approaches when they suspect someone might be over the limit. Some officers come over all authoritative in their questioning, others use a more friendly approach. Whichever they use, they are after the same thing – to see if you will tell them anything that confirms their hunch you had a drink.

You do not have to answer the police’s questions, and you shouldn’t answer ones concerning what you had to drink.

You might not be able to get legal help at the time of the stop, yet, if the police arrest you on suspicion of drunk driving, you certainly should get it to avoid other potentially damaging mistakes.


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