Possible defenses for a DUI charge

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All DUI charges, even for first-time offenders, are serious and carry the potential of severe penalties.

Not only will you possibly lose your license, have to pay fines and go to jail, but the charge can also impact your job, family and personal relationships, too.

Due to the potential consequences of this charge, building a strong defense is paramount. Here, you can find several ways to defend against a DUI charge.

Issues with the field sobriety test

If the police officer who pulls you over requests that you take a field sobriety test, you have the right to refuse. In many cases, you should.

However, if you take the test and fail, it may be possible to challenge the validity of the test based on how it was performed. Anything from road conditions and the weather to the officer’s experience (or inexperience) may have the results of the test thrown out.

There’s no basis for the DUI charge

Sometimes, an officer will charge someone with DUI because of their physical appearance rather than evidence. Medical conditions and other issues may make someone appear intoxicated when they aren’t.

An example is allergies. These can cause red eyes. Some medications can cause slurred speech or a flushed appearance.

Other issues that may lead to a DUI arrest include an unsteady gait or the smell of alcohol on your breath. These are not always signs of intoxication, and more evidence is needed to charge you with DUI.

Building a strong DUI defense

It is often challenging to defend a DUI charge. However, there are a few options above that you can use if they apply to your situation. Learning more about your legal rights and options in this situation is a good idea to protect yourself and your freedom.  



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