Country singer Randy Travis charged with DWI and possible felony

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Tennessee country music fans may be interested in knowing the latest criminal charges that have been filed against Randy Travis. He was arrested on Aug. 7 in Texas on suspicion of drunk driving, and he may also be facing a grand jury indictment on a violent felony, in this case retaliation against the police or obstruction of justice.

Travis was driving his Pontiac Trans Am near his home when, police believe, he drove off of the main roadway and began traveling on a construction road. There he crashed in to several barricades causing significant damage to the front end of his vehicle.

Travis was allegedly later found by a passerby who happened to notice him — which was a shock. Apparently, Travis was not wearing any clothes when he was found lying by the side of the road near his home. It is unclear how he got there and what happened to his clothes.

In any event, police received a 911 call from the passerby, and state troopers arrived on the scene. Though they believed that this was simply a call about public intoxication or maybe even a drunk driver, they were probably surprised to find the famous country music singer in his state of undress.

This is when things apparently turned for the worse. According to the state troopers who arrived on the scene and brought Travis into custody on suspicion of drunk driving, Travis verbally threatened them. State troopers allege that not only was Travis combative, but also, they allege, he threatened to shoot and kill them.

Obviously if this is true, these are very serious threats of violence made against law enforcement officials. As a result, Travis was arrested not only on suspicion of DWI but also on possible felony charges of retaliation or obstruction of justice. The violent felony case will be submitted to a grand jury within approximately six weeks.

The felony charges carry serious criminal consequences, including a maximum of 10 years behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000.

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