Your first steps are critical when facing murder charges

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Being investigated or arrested for murder in Tennessee is a terrifying experience. A conviction for first-degree murder can pose consequences including lifetime incarceration.

Fear can cloud your judgment, but taking the right steps immediately could make a significant difference to your future. Here are three things to prioritize when arrested or under investigation for murder.

Exercise your right to remain silent

The U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment allows you to remain silent when facing an interrogation or interview. Do not answer any questions from law enforcement without a defense representative present. They may try to manipulate your words or intent. Politely inform them you are invoking your right to silence and cannot answer their questions without representation.

Start working on your defense

Law enforcement is charged with investigating the case and gathering evidence, but you have a role to play in your defense. In concert with your counsel, begin documenting your activities during the time period in question. Anything you remember can be helpful in your defense.

Stay quiet about your situation

You might feel a natural urge to confide in someone about your case, but it is best to resist. Anything you say can be twisted or misinterpreted by the other side, increasing your legal challenges. Avoid discussing your case with anyone but your representative, who is ethically and legally bound to protect your confidentiality.

Experienced legal guidance can help you feel less anxious, which can potentially improve your decision-making process. Their guidance can empower you to take charge of your circumstances without the fear of making detrimental legal errors.


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