Tennessee restaurant owner gets probation for sexual battery

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Being accused of a sex crime is a frightening experience. We all know how society treats those who face sex crimes charges. People are quick to judge, even before a conviction is obtained. Despite this, when facing a sex crime charges, it’s important to know your rights so you can protect your freedom.

Recently a Tennessee man was charged with sexual battery. He owns a restaurant in Clarksville, and a female employee claimed that he touched her inappropriately in December 2010. After being convicted of two counts of sexual battery in February, he was sentenced recently to 18 months of probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender for the next decade.

While this man was convicted of a sex crime, his punishment could have been much worse. Probation will allow him to continue living in society rather than having to spend time in jail. And while having to register as a sex offender can hurt a person’s reputation, many people end up having to register for their entire lives, not just 10 years.

Being accused of a sex crime can change your life. But there are ways to challenge the charges. Even if a conviction is obtained, having a clean record — as this man did — can help you when it comes to sentencing. As we saw in this case, you may even be able to avoid jail time.

That said, not everyone who is accused of a sex crime is found guilty. Speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney is a good place to start if you are facing such charges.

Source: The Leaf Chronicle, “Clarksville restaurant owner sentenced to probation, sex offender registry,” Tavia D. Green, Aug. 2, 2012


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