Tennessee FedEx driver accused of dealing prescription drugs

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Readers in Memphis, Tennessee might be interested to know that a former FedEx driver in the state was arrested for delivering more than just packages. The Tennessee man was allegedly dealing prescription pain pills while on his delivery route. He is now facing drug charges.

According to a local sheriff, law enforcement received information that the man was selling the pills from an ongoing drug investigation. The information led to law enforcement setting up an undercover operation along the driver’s route. Undercover officers allegedly bought prescription drugs from the man during the undercover operation and then made an arrest on the scene.

Investigators say the man was getting the prescriptions from a pain clinic in Tennessee. The sheriff also claims that the man admitted to selling pills two or three times a week while on his route. The man could face almost a year behind bars if he is found guilty.

Drug charges can result in serious consequences. In order to target high-level distributors, federal lawmakers have enacted mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for those convicted of drug charges. These fixed sentences are based on the type and weight of a drug and the number of prior convictions a person has.

A person charged with dealing or possessing drugs should not take it lightly. With mandatory sentencing guidelines, a person found guilty of such crimes may find themselves behind bars for a quite a long time. In order to potentially avoid such severe penalties, individuals who face serious drug charges would be wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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