Online child pornography charges can be life-altering for accused

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A defendant accused of child pornography in Tennessee can face significant obstacles both in and out of the courtroom. Serious charges can lead to a lifetime of problems for defendants and their families, who may feel that they are facing an uphill battle from the start. Even without a guilty verdict, a defendant may be fired from a job, as recently happened to one Tennessee man.

The man is facing federal charges for online child pornography after thousands of images and videos were allegedly found on a computer disk. The defendant was hired before background checks were implemented and therefore the employer was unaware of past child sexual assault convictions on his record. But a few days after the alleged disk discovery, the defendant was fired from his prominent university position.

As soon as a story about child pornography charges hits the airwaves, the public is outraged. The defendant is already guilty in the public eye and that defendant’s reputation may be permanently damaged by these accusations. Defendants convicted on sex crime charges may find themselves placed on the National Sex Offender Registry, further complicating their lives even after they serve out any jail time and pay all fines required.

Criminal charges such as child pornography are very serious. Not only are there the actual legal punishments such as jail time and fines, but a good reputation can be ruined for life even if there is no conviction. Individuals facing such charges may find a legal professional can help a defendant tell his side of the story and stand up for his rights.

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