Memphis resident allegedly found with child pornography

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In Memphis, sex crimes, including possession of child pornography, are very serious for those who are accused of them. The public has a tendency to assume people are guilty of sex crimes even if they haven’t been convicted. Due to this automatic guilty assumption by the public, a person’s professional life and personal reputation can be ruined forever. If convicted, a defendant can face long jail sentences and high fines, along with a large emotional and financial toll taken on their family.

An East Memphis professional has recently been charged with possession of child pornography. During a sting operation, undercover Memphis police allegedly traded photos with the suspect in an online file sharing site. The police then searched the defendant’s home computer and allegedly found more than 300 images and 25 videos of children engaged in sex acts. The defendant is a respected professional in his community, and had been working as a researcher at a local eye clinic.

Sex crimes, including possession of child pornography, can be very emotional charges. Since the public is quick to believe a person guilty of such a crime, that person’s personal and professional reputation can be ruined in an instant. There is a stigma attached to these crimes that is very difficult for a defendant to overcome unless he or she has substantial legal assistance.

A legal professional skilled in criminal law may be able to help by conducting a thorough investigation, including polygraph tests and forensic testing. Due to the devastating consequences that these allegations bring, it is important a defendant knows all of his legal rights. A practiced attorney can prepare a defendant for the stress of a criminal trial while keeping that defendant’s legal rights at the forefront of an unfolding case.

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