Man allegedly throws baby

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Memphis residents who are charged with criminal charges may face an uphill legal battle. Criminal defense may require thorough investigations, plea bargaining and litigation on behalf of those who are charged with crimes.

A Memphis man has been charged with domestic assault and aggravated child abuse after allegedly throwing a baby across a room and attacking a woman. The man allegedly called his ex-girlfriend and asked her to come and pick up their eight month old baby from his mother’s apartment. When she arrived to pick up the baby the defendant allegedly attacked the woman. She then left the apartment but returned for the baby. The defendant allegedly hit the woman again and then threw the baby. The woman took the baby and left the apartment. The baby was treated for minor injuries.

When a person is accused of domestic assault they may face a difficult battle in court. Defendants may feel that the whole world is against them and that they do not have any hope. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense may be able to help a person who is facing criminal charges. They can conduct their own exhaustive investigation into what really happened, negotiate with prosecutors, and effectively litigate for their clients in court. Because criminal charges can come with high fines and long jail times it is important for defendants to aggressively defend themselves in court.

Memphis residents who find themselves accused of a crime should know what their legal rights are. Because the public is not tolerant of those who commit crimes defendants should make sure that their side of the story is being heard.

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