Many people arrested for drug charges in recent sting operation

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Memphis residents involved in drug operations should know that these activities can bring serious drug charges. High fines, long prison sentences along with damage to a person’s professional and personal reputation can all occur with a conviction. When people are arrested in the midst of a sting operation, prosecution may be even more zealous than usual due to the high publicity involved.

A recent sting operation by the FBI, Arkansas State Police and West Memphis Police Department resulted in the arrests of 20 people for various drug crimes. They face charges of intent to distribute along with other crimes. The individuals are accused of operating a large drug trafficking network that distributed cocaine. West Memphis officials say that the crime rate in their county is three times higher than the national average. They believe these arrests are just the beginning and that more arrests will be coming. They also have confidence they will see a decrease in the amount of drugs in the area.

Memphis residents who are accused of drug offenses can face harsh penalties. Drug charges can be complicated but a legal professional skilled in criminal law can help a defendant tell his side of the story. By examining all elements of the alleged offense an attorney can determine if the prosecution can really prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly intended to distribute or had possession of a drug. Negotiating with prosecutors can also be done in the best interest of the defendant. It is important for a defendant to protect his or her rights in these cases because of the life altering consequences that occur with a conviction.

Drug crimes in Memphis carry stiff penalties. The public does not tolerate these crimes and defendants who are convicted can face high fines and long prison sentences, not to mention the permanent damage to reputation and family dynamics.

Source: WMCTV, “20 indicted for drug crimes in ‘Operation Delta Crossroads’,” Nov. 18, 2013


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