Elderly woman robbed and assaulted in Memphis home

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Violent crimes such as rape and robbery are not tolerated in the Memphis community and convictions often involve long prison sentences. When these acts are performed against elderly people the crimes become even more egregious.

An elderly Memphis woman was reportedly robbed and nearly raped in her home last week. A man allegedly came to her door asking if she would like the leaves raked in her yard. She declined but he returned about 10 minutes later and forced entry through her bathroom window. The intruder allegedly forced her to the ground and asked where her money was. The woman suffered a few bruises and cuts from being forced to the ground. The defendant has been charged with attempted rape, robbery and aggravated burglary charges. His bond is set at $100,000.

When a defendant is charged with serious crimes such as rape, robbery and assault charges, he may find the whole community is against him. Because the public is quick to convict someone of these crimes the suspect may find their reputation is ruined even though they have not been convicted. Conviction on these crimes usually leads to long prison sentences and defendants should do everything possible to defend themselves. A defendant only gets one chance to tell their side of the story, so it is important to do whatever it takes to defend their rights. A defendant needs to know his legal rights and fight the good fight in order to avoid long prison sentences and a ruined reputation.

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