Memphis police searching for suspect who shot teenager

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Violent crimes such as robbery happen almost every day in Memphis. For people who are accused of such crimes, the charges can be scary and the court proceedings overwhelming.

Memphis police are currently searching for a suspect who allegedly robbed a teenage boy and shot him in the face. This past Friday the victim was at a Williams Grocery Store where he said he was robbed and shot in the face. The suspect allegedly took the victim’s cell phone. The victim was transported to The MED and is in critical condition.

Violent assaults that include the use of a weapon can bring many serious charges to suspects. Convictions of these crimes can lead to many years in prison and a ruined personal and professional reputation. The public does not tolerate these types of crimes and therefore they are aggressively prosecuted. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help a suspect tell his side of the story. They can put together a legal defense team to do an independent investigation into what really happened. As a suspect only gets one chance to defend himself in court it is important that he is well supported by professionals. Assault charges are serious and can change a suspect’s life forever.

Memphis residents know how serious it can be to be accused of a violent crime such as robbery. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but it can sometimes be an uphill battle in court to defend oneself. It is important for suspects to obtain the best defense team they can because the permanent damage to reputation along with jail time and fines can ruin one’s life forever.

Source: WMCTV, “Suspect wanted after teen reportedly shot in jaw,” Jan. 25, 2014


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