Shelby County deputy recruit charged with murder

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Police officers in Memphis generally have a good reputation. They keep the community safe and offer a sense of security for Memphis residents. However, even the most respected of community members can face serious criminal charges such as murder.

A man who was a Shelby County deputy recruit at one time has been arrested nearly a year after two people were killed in a hit-and-run accident. The two victims were hit while standing outside their disabled vehicle on I-40 near Warford. The driver who hit them did not stop and police say the driver was possibly driving a white, four-door pick-up truck. The defendant was arrested at the Shelby County police department’s training academy last week and charged with two counts of murder, as well as other charges.

Murder is one of the most serious charges a person can face. Accusations of murder cannot be taken lightly because a conviction can lead to a long prison sentence and the loss of a good professional and personal reputation. If an individual is facing these charges, a legal professional skilled in criminal law can help the defendant tell his or her side of the story. A qualified attorney can pursue a strong defense for his or her client, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Using scientific evidence such as DNA evidence, crime scene reconstruction, review of medical records, etc., a legal team can put together a strong defense strategy and negotiate with the prosecution.

Murder charges in Memphis are not taken lightly by the prosecution or the general public. A professional reputation can be ruined with the mere allegation of such a serious crime. It is important to make sure that the defendant’s version of events is clearly presented.

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