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In a recent blog, the topic of search and seizure was discussed. Specifically, how it relates to drug charges. Drug crimes are common in Memphis. Many of these crimes are brought to the attention of authorities because of a search and seizure.

A search and seizure is a common way for law enforcement to obtain evidence in a criminal investigation. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from an unreasonable search and making an unlawful arrest.

There are many protections that have been put in place to make sure citizens are not subjected to an unlawful search or seizure. Sometimes law enforcement needs to have a search warrant before they are able to search a person or their personal property.

The majority of searches are conducted without a warrant. Police may search and seize evidence without a warrant if there is no expectation of privacy, you consent to the search, a protective sweep of an area to look for an accomplice after an arrest, in emergency situation, and other situations.

Our firm has been helping Memphis residents for over 40 years with their search and seizure situations. We can examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine if the police were justified with their search or seizure. Overzealous law enforcement can abuse their probable cause rights to pull you over while driving, stop you, or search your home.

If police searched you, your car, or your home looking for cocaine, meth, marijuana, prescription painkillers, or other drugs we can help with your defense. We will look at the facts surrounding your arrest and make sure your rights are protected. We can make a positive difference for your rights and your future.


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