Woman shot while driving in Memphis

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Memphis residents do not tolerate those who assault others. Although Memphis crime is high, residents demand that those who are facing assault charges be severely punished. Memphis residents and law enforcement aggressively prosecute those who have been charged with an assault. An accusation of assault can ruin a person’s personal and professional reputation.

A woman who was driving with a child inside her car was shot in Memphis. At a convenience store on Lauderdale Street witnesses reported a shooting. Allegedly the woman who was driving an SUV was shot while at the convenience store. She drove off with a car following and shooting at her. She wrecked the SUV she was driving a few blocks away and ran to the intersection of Essex and Cameron. She was taken to the hospital with injuries. Police are still searching for the shooter.

Violent crime in Memphis is a common occurrence. Police and prosecutors believe that those who are committing these violent acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A person who has been charged with assault can feel scared, confused, and believe that the entire world is out to get him. A legal professional skilled in criminal defense can help a defendant tell his side of the story. The attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the crime, investigate the crime scene, bring in expert witnesses, investigate police methods that were used surrounding the arrest, and fight for their client’s legal rights. They can negotiate with prosecutors in order to obtain a settlement favorable for their client.

Defendants in violent crimes often face stiff penalties, including time in prison, if they are found guilty of the crime. It is important for defendants to have a strong defense in order to tell their side of the story.

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