Have you been arrested for a drug crime?

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Last week we discussed how Memphis residents who have been convicted of drug crimes can face tough penalties. Although drug crimes are fairly common in Memphis, they carry some stiff penalties depending on the type of drug.

Drug crimes vary from possession of marijuana to manufacturing large amounts of methamphetamines to transporting kilos of cocaine across the state lines. The penalties for these drug crimes vary on the type and amount of drug involved and can be a misdemeanor and a fine or prison time and thousands of dollars of fines. Besides the fines and prison time that a person can face for drug crimes, they can also face a ruined personal and professional reputation.

It is important for those facing an arrest for drug charges to hire an attorney who has the experience necessary to defend their rights. Our firm has been helping defendants for decades. We have thorough knowledge of drug statutes and penalties and law enforcement procedures that can help to defeat the charges that are against you. Our attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine if there was an unlawful search and seizure performed. We also skillfully negotiate with the prosecution for lesser charges.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Memphis it pays to have an experienced legal team on your side. The stakes are high for a drug crime conviction. You could be facing felony charges, prison time, and the loss of a good personal and professional reputation.


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