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If a person finds themselves in the position of having to go to court for an alleged crime such as driving while intoxicated, or a related charge in Tennessee, it would likely benefit them to have a criminal defense attorney fighting for their rights.

The ramifications of a DWI charge can include the loss of one’s driving privileges. In today’s economy losing driving privileges can hamper one’s ability to get to work, to school or simply to run errands. Furthermore, the person may have to pay large fines and penalties and may even have to spend some time behind bars. Having an attorney by one’s side during these kinds of criminal proceeding will be helpful.

Whether a person has been charged with drunk driving, driving with a revoked license, a suspended license or even refusing to take a breathalyzer test when stopped by police, the Law Office of The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger, The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger & The Law Office of Massey McClusky Fuchs & Ballenger has the experience and professional commitment it takes to competently and aggressively represent that person.

Our legal team has years of experience in analyzing and scrutinizing every detail of cases to uncover the missteps that police may have taken during an investigation and subsequent arrest. For example, sometimes police may misconstrue certain odd or erratic driving that may have been the result of a medical condition, as driving under the influence. Furthermore police breath testing equipment may malfunction and give off a false positive result. These are just some of the problems that can occur during a DWI arrest. We are experienced in closely examining all details of a criminal case, and will leave no stone unturned to help those who are facing a DWI charge get the best possible outcome.

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