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No matter the cause, reason or situation, being arrested is not an easy position for Tennessee residents to be in. Facing criminal charges often means the accused could endure harsh penalties; however, many defendants worry how a criminal conviction could impact his or her personal and professional life. Because a criminal record could greatly influence the individual’s life, it is important that defendants take the necessary steps to make a defense against the criminal allegations.

Our law firm understands that facing criminal charges causes many concerns and fears for the future of the defendant; however, it is important to not let these emotions stand in the way of making a defense. For most defendants, he or she only has one chance to preserve their rights and liberties, and making a timely defense against the charges is the best way to do this.

Whether you are facing drug charges, violent crime allegations or accused of a sex crime, our attorneys are knowledgeable with all applicable laws concerning these and other criminal charges. We are skilled at all the steps of the criminal process, helping past clients navigate their defense options so he or she can take an aggressive approach.

We seek to protect the rights of the accused, and have helped past clients fully understand their situation and what defense options were available to him or her. Making informed decisions regarding a criminal defense approach helps defendants initiate a thoughtful and persuasive criminal defense. Additionally, if an appeal is available, our law firm has helped past clients reverse the unjust outcomes of the original criminal proceeding.

Being accused of a crime can be an emotional time, however, this should not deter the accused from fighting these allegations. To learn more about defense options, check out our law firm’s criminal defense website. This could provide general information, helping individuals take timely action.


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