What are some typical terms of probation in Tennessee?

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There are many Memphis residents who have been on probation or are currently on probation. Probation can be required after jail or prison time has been served. It can also be ordered instead of incarceration. The conditions of probation will vary depending on the crime. In Tennessee a probation violation can result in serious consequences.

Probation means a person gets to serve out their time in the community instead of in jail. But there are many rules and conditions that a person must follow for this privilege. Although each case is different there are conditions that apply to many cases. These typically include meeting regularly with a probation officer and appearing at scheduled court proceedings. A person may also need to pay restitution to their victim. They may also be required to avoid certain places or people. They may not be able to travel out of the area or state. Generally they also need to obey all laws no matter how minor. And they may also have to avoid drugs and alcohol and submit to regular testing.

If a person does not follow their terms of probation they may be sent back to jail or prison, or have time added to their probation sentence. A probation violation can be serious so a person may want to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney if they find themselves in this situation.

Tennessee probation conditions can be strict. It is important for those on probation to follow the rules to avoid ending up back in jail.

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