A criminal conviction can stay with you forever

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Memphis residents who have been arrested for a crime can feel confused and alone. It can feel like the whole world is out to get you. Charges are filed, jail time and fines are discussed and threats are made. A criminal record can stay with a person forever.

A criminal charge is a serious matter. The mere accusation of a criminal offense can ruin a person’s hard-earned professional and personal reputation. It may not be fair that these prejudices exist in our society but they are a fact of life. Although it may seem as if everyone is against you a skilled criminal defense lawyer can be your aggressive advocate.

Our law firm helps those accused of serious crimes including robbery, sex crimes, and DWIs. We understand the criminal justice system and how it can be terrifying for those accused. Our attorneys have the experience and negotiation skills necessary to fight the charges on your behalf. We can investigate your case, negotiate with the prosecution, and go to trial if necessary. We always aim for the best possible resolution for our clients.

There are so many things that are at stake if a person is convicted of a serious crime. A person can lose his or her job, family, house, and everything. This is why hiring the right criminal defense attorney is critical. A defendant has one chance to hire the right attorney. The long-term consequences are too great to hire anyone less than the best. It is important that your rights are protected and that your side of the story is told.


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