Hamilton County officials arrest man for riding horse while drunk

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Most in Memphis likely can agree as to the need for local law enforcement officials to protect the public for potential criminal activity. At the same time, however, officials should not be given free rein to do whatever they want when prosecuting one who has allegedly violated the law. While there is little argument that criminal penalties are meant to be punitive (to a certain extent), there are also cases where the prosecution of one may imply that law enforcement has their own agenda in mind rather than seeking to help one overcome the troubles that they put themselves in. 

The case of a Hamilton County man may serve to illustrate this point. Authorities were alerted that the man was traveling on local roads while intoxicated. His method of transportation? A horse. The man did indeed to appear drunk (even to the point of falling off of the animal). He was arrested and eventually jailed for putting himself, the horse and other drivers on the road (although it was not reported whether he was traveling on busy roads or not) in danger. 

This man had a prior conviction for driving under the influence which resulted in him losing his driving privileges earlier this year. While some might question his decision to apparently drink to excess, it might also be argued that his decision to travel by horse after drinking was an attempt to respect the terms of his punishment, and that the continued prosecution of him may be overzealous. Those who feel they may be being unfairly targeted by law enforcement in a similar manner may want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in answering the charges against them. 


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