Finding ways to rebuild relationships after your prison term

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You have just been released from prison and are determined to take your life in a different direction; away from your past, away from your mistakes and away from the reputation you currently hold. At The Law Offices of Massey McClusky, McClusky & Fuchs, we are committed to helping convicted criminals in Tennessee to adjust to life outside of prison and work toward achieving a successful life. 

One area of your life that has probably suffered because of the time you have served behind bars is the relationships that you may have previously held dear. While you can attempt to maintain and strengthen relationships even when you are incarcerated, factors including distance and emotional connection can create barriers. Now that you are no longer imprisoned, you may desire to rebuild some of these relationships. 

According to, one thing that you should be aware of is that your efforts may be met with resistance or ignorance from the other party. Rebuilding trust and being able to show that you are a different person than you previously were is going to take time. In the steps, you do take to strengthen the relationships that have meaning in your life, be intentional in the way you approach people. Take the initiative to do things that will demonstrate your level of commitment to and concern for the other person. 

When you are aware of what steps can be taken to help you regain some of the relationships that are integral in your life, you may be able to rebuild connections that are actually stronger than they were before you were imprisoned. For more information about how to adjust to life outside of prison, visit our web page.  



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