Does race still play a role in court?

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If there is one thing that you can see in today’s America, it’s that racism is still a problem. Is it, though, a problem in the criminal justice system? While some people believe that racism isn’t present, the truth is that it could play a role in a conviction or the sentencing an individual faces. That’s why it’s so important to work with a criminal defense attorney. Their job is to help identify and stop bias from affecting your case. Their goal is to protect your innocence and rights.

One of the primary reasons you need to work with a criminal defense attorney is to ensure that you receive a fair trial. Trials have many stages, but the one that your attorney needs to look closely at is the selection of a jury. If a jury will be present, then that jury needs to be examined. Anyone who has racist tendencies should be removed.

There is a history of racial discrimination and the U.S. Supreme Court cases that defeated it. For example, Batson v Kentucky in 1986 resulted in a decision that African American defendants have been denied equal protection by the state if they are put before a jury where members of the same race have been purposefully excluded.

Today, it’s your right to have a trial that is fair and just. You deserve the same treatment as any other defendant would receive. You deserve to be heard, for the correct evidence to be presented and to have your attorney present.

How can your criminal defense attorney help your case?

Your criminal defense attorney can help in a few ways. Behind the scenes, they’ll work to make this case as fair as possible in court. They’ll go through jury selection and help remove those who should not be part of the jury for your case due to their biases. They’ll also teach you how to act in court, as well as what you can do to present yourself well. It takes multiple factors for a case to be successful, so your attorney will do their best to prepare you.


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