Loaded gun found in carry-on at airport in Memphis

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People sometimes hope that they can sneak forbidden items into an airport. Others just forget that they have forbidden items and go to security. Either of these events can mean that the person responsible is going to face criminal charges, which is exactly what happened when a passenger coming into the Memphis International Airport was recently found to have a firearm in their carry-on luggage

The firearm was a 9mm and it had a loaded magazine. There were already 35 guns found already in 2020 by the Transportation Security Administration at this airport. Firearms are being found at a high rate even though the number of travelers is at a record low this year.

All passengers are responsible for the contents of the bags they bring into the airport. Double-checking the forbidden items list is imperative before you travel so you can ensure that you aren’t bringing in anything that is on that list. Some items are highly regulated, so you may have to take special steps even if you plan to check the items

Information about criminal charges has not been released by authorities; however, attempting to get a firearm in a carry-on bag for commercial air travel is illegal. People who want to travel with a firearm must put in checked bags according to federal regulations. It’s possible that travelers who are caught with a firearm in carry-on baggage may face both criminal and civil penalties. 

If you’re facing charges related to weapons, discuss your options with your attorney as soon as possible. You need to evaluate the options and develop a defense strategy to answer the charges.


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