Using mental trauma as a defense to murder

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Facing murder charges is one of the most serious types of criminal charges. If convicted, you may face a lifetime in prison. The good news is that everyone has a right to defend themselves. There are so many factors that can lead to a violent and chaotic interaction. Our past experiences can cause us to interpret situations in different ways, and it’s common for many to try to defend themselves with physical force if they perceive a threat.

In your defense, you should consider how your past experiences have affected the people that you have become involved with and the way that you have acted. As part of your defense, you may be able to argue that the traumatic experiences you have been subjected to in your life have caused you to become involved with the wrong crowd and to be physically defensive when provoked.

What is trauma?

Trauma is a type of experience that changes the way that you look at the world. Children are particularly prone to trauma because their brains are still growing and changing. For example, if you experienced violence when you were young, this could have been traumatic. It could have led to changes in your brain, causing you to perceive a certain situation as a threat to your life, even when it is not. Trauma can cause depression, anxiety, flashbacks and anger outbursts. Those who have gone through trauma can also become triggered in certain situations, and it could cause them to behave impulsively.

How can I defend myself by arguing that I’ve gone through trauma?

It’s likely that a medical professional will need to diagnose you with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). You may be able to show that your mental illness caused you to act in this way, and to some extent, you were not able to control your own actions.

Many people who are charged with violent crimes have experienced trauma. Make sure that you are able to get diagnosed and to defend yourself adequately.


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