How can I defend myself against DUI charges?

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A DUI conviction can come with more consequences than you are prepared to take on. While you may not want to plead guilty in your case, you may not be sure if it is possible to defend against your charges. More than a million people get arrested for DUIs each year, and many of them have the chance to build a defense they can rely on in their case. So, what are some viable defenses against DUI charges?

Faulty testing equipment

A breathalyzer is a common device that officers use to determine the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a driver. While these devices are common, they may not be accurate. If the officer did not properly maintain the device or the device was damaged or old, the results of the test may not be reliable.

Inaccurate roadside tests

Walking a straight line, touching your nose from an extended arm, and reciting the alphabet backward are the most common roadside tests that officers use to help determine if someone is driving drunk. Despite how common they are, they do not account for an individual’s physical or mental capabilities. A dyslexic person may appear drunk while trying to say the alphabet backward, and a person with a previously broken hip may not be able to walk a straight line toe to toe.

Police misconduct

Before police are able to pull you over, they need probable cause, or a valid reason to conduct a traffic stop. These causes can range from a broken taillight to driving way under the speed limit on the freeway, but without probable cause, a judge will likely throw out any resulting charges.

Let a lawyer review your situation

Before you give up and plead guilty, consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. They can look over your unique situation to determine if your case has grounds for a defense you can count on.




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