People convicted of drug offenses may be more likely to recidivate

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Facing criminal charges is a frightening situation for many defendants, especially those who are facing a first charge. There are a lot of things that happen when you’re facing criminal charges. For someone who’s facing drug charges, there’s a chance of going through rehabilitation. This could help to prevent them from falling back into their old ways.

One real risk that anyone who’s involved in the criminal justice system has to think about is the chance of recidivism. This means that the person comes back into the criminal justice system again. This is a big challenge because a more extensive criminal history can mean that the person has challenges with being able to find employment and other similar factors.

Drug abuse can lead to future legal troubles

A person who has a substance abuse problem and goes through probation is more likely to end up back in the criminal justice system than an individual without a substance abuse history. They’re also more likely to be back in the system faster than others.

The risk of recidivism is reduced when a person successfully completes a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Interestingly, the risk of recidivism is the greatest in people who go through rehab but don’t complete it.

Anyone who’s charged with a drug crime should ensure they understand their defense options. These vary according to the charge, criminal history, and other factors. It’s imperative to review these as quickly as possible when you learn of the charges because some options might only be available for a certain amount of time. As you’re considering how to handle your defense, make sure that you think about how each option may affect your future. 


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