Can you bring marijuana into Tennessee?

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In numerous states across the country, you can buy marijuana at a dispensary for recreational use. It’s very similar to walking into a liquor store to buy alcohol. You still have to be 21 years-old and sales are fairly restricted, but you can purchase it for recreational use. People in these states often think of marijuana the same way they think of a bottle of wine or a case of beer.

However, Tennessee still makes even the possession of less than half an ounce a misdemeanor that could result in a year of jail time. Cultivating 10 or fewer plants could lead to up to 6 years in jail. The fines for possession are also mandatory in Tennessee, so a judge can’t be lenient.

Knowing that you cannot get marijuana here, you may begin to wonder if you could simply go to another state where it can be legally sold and then bring it back with you. Would this make the purchase legal?

Transportation problems

First and foremost, you shouldn’t do this because marijuana is federally illegal. This means that you can’t transport it across state lines without it becoming a federal crime. Until the federal government legalizes marijuana, you want to avoid transporting it in this fashion at all. This is also why you can’t bring it on a plane, even if you’re going to a state where it’s legal.

Additionally, since marijuana is still largely illegal in Tennessee, no matter where you got it, the authorities are not going to care that the purchase itself was legal. Even if it was, once you arrive in Tennessee, possessing marijuana becomes illegal.

If you are facing drug charges and you’re worried about your future, be sure you know about all the legal options you have.


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