How long will you lose your license over a DUI charge?

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People often worry the most about the financial consequences of a Tennessee driving under the influence charge or the risk of jail time. Licensing consequences are often an afterthought.

However, especially for those who already have a prior DUI on their record, an impaired driving offense can mean significant complications for their daily lives if they plead guilty. Although you may not like the idea of going to court, doing so may be necessary to defend yourself or to regain your driving privileges.

A judge will have the authority to suspend your license following a guilty verdict in a DUI case. How long may you potentially lose your license for if you enter a guilty plea?

Your driving record determines your suspension

For someone who has never violated Tennessee’s impaired driving laws before, a DUI conviction might mean the loss of their driving privileges for up to a year, although they can ask for a restricted license in some cases.

When someone already has a prior DUI on their record, a second conviction will carry bigger consequences. The license suspension might potentially last for up to two years. Third offenses can lead to someone losing their license for up to six years, while a fourth DUI charge could mean eight years without a license.

In some cases, drivers with a suspended license may qualify for a restricted license. For a driver to regain restricted privileges while subject to a suspension, they will typically need to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in their vehicle and perform a chemical test every time they attempt to drive.

Losing your license is more than inconvenient

A licensed suspension won’t just mean that you have to carpool and rely on others for transportation. It can greatly increase your cost of living expenses and might even put your job at risk if you can’t get to work on time reliably anymore. If you want to protect your career and your personal freedom, then fighting back again DUI charges rather than pleading guilty will likely be the right response.

Learning about the penalties for a DUI charge can help those thinking about the best response after a recent arrest.


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