3 “don’ts” if facing a white collar charge

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White collar criminal charges are worrying enough on their own due to the serious penalties you will face if a court convicts you. Yet many people make things worse for themselves by acting in ways that bring additional charges.

Here are three things you should never do:

1. Don’t destroy or alter evidence

It’s going to be much harder for the authorities to prosecute you if they don’t have evidence to back up their claims. Hence, you might think that the obvious thing to do is to alter or destroy anything they could use against you. While it might seem like self-preservation, it’s not a good idea.

2. Don’t lie to federal investigators or the court

You probably know that lying under oath in the courtroom could lead to charges of perjury. What you might not have considered is you could also face charges if you lie in an official statement you sign during the investigation. Once you are under investigation, it is best to either tell the truth or say nothing, depending on the circumstances and whether you did anything wrong.  

3. Don’t try to stop the police from arresting you

If the police feel you are being difficult, they may become more forceful. Even if they don’t, they’ll mention it to the prosecutor, who may try to add resisting arrest to the list of charges you already face. If the police come to arrest you, you should allow them to do so and get legal help to look at defense options.


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