3 mistakes to avoid when charged with embezzlement

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When you are entrusted with assets, the party that legally gives them to you may accuse you of misappropriating them. An embezzlement charge can stem from work when your employer alleges you pocketed company cash or your business when accused of running a Ponzi scheme. This crime can lead to significant penalties. Therefore, you should be careful about the steps you take. 

The following are three mistakes to avoid.

Underestimating the charges 

Embezzlement is a serious offense, and you should handle it as such. Not giving the case the attention that it deserves, believing it will just go away with time, is risky. When you learn of the accusation, you should understand what the other side is accusing you of in depth.

Destroying documents 

Of course, facing an embezzlement charge can be so worrying that you may want to omit anything that can incriminate you further. However, doing this may land you in more trouble. For instance, if you forgot to include a particular record sometime back, correcting this after the charge can seem suspicious. Your actions may be under a microscope.

Giving in to the charges 

It may seem difficult to defend yourself against embezzlement charges, but you can. It’s a mistake to give in to the charges if you are innocent. You can use different defense strategies, including: 

  • Challenging the evidence 
  • Denying intent 
  • Proving you were operating under duress 
  • Claiming entrapment

If you are accused of embezzlement, these mistakes can mean you face penalties you could have avoided. It will help to get legal guidance sooner to obtain more information about your case and, in turn, know the moves to make.   


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