Why do people steal from their employers?

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Employees may steal from their employers. In some cases, it’s a minor issue, such as taking office supplies home. In other cases, it’s a major issue, such as the theft of electronics. In still other cases, it could be a widespread embezzlement scheme involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But no matter what form it takes, have you ever wondered why it happens? What are some of the reasons that employees will engage in this activity?

Unfair treatment

First and foremost, employees may believe that the employer is treating them unfairly. Maybe they don’t think they earn enough money. Maybe they believe they’ve been victimized by wage theft. Once an employee thinks that they have been wronged, they will often use this as justification to “right that wrong” by stealing from the employer.

A financial crisis

Additionally, some employees will steal simply because they have an unmet financial need. They’re already at work, so they don’t see any other way to earn enough money to meet that need.

Everyone is doing it

In many cases, though, the employee who has been accused of stealing from the employer is just the one who got caught. Perhaps many different employees were engaging in this activity, so it became something of a workplace norm. The employee who is eventually caught engaged in the activity because they were going along with everyone else or because they saw the opportunity and took it.

Are you facing charges?

This type of theft can result in some serious criminal charges that could have an impact on a person’s future. If you are facing such charges, be sure you know about your criminal defense options.


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