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Shelby County deputy recruit charged with murder

Police officers in Memphis generally have a good reputation. They keep the community safe and offer a sense of security for Memphis residents. However, even the most respected of community members can face serious criminal charges such as murder.

Three accused of forcing woman off road and robbing her

Driving in Memphis comes with the usual obstacles and hazards, such as distracted drivers, speeders and road construction. But, drivers usually do not encounter people trying to run them off the road. Recently, a robbery occurred in Memphis after a woman was allegedly forced off the road while driving.

Memphis police searching for murder suspects

Criminal activity in Memphis happens every day. The defendants who are involved in violent crimes usually get caught by the police. Murder, being the most serious crime, is often heavily prosecuted and those who are convicted can face a lifetime in jail or even the death penalty.

Man arrested for double murder

People who are accused of violent crimes such as murder in Memphis can often be overwhelmed. These accusations are very serious and a criminal conviction can bring severe penalties. However, the public has little tolerance for violent crimes and can often convict a person before they are even brought to trial. The effect on a person's personal and professional life can be devastating.

Man attempts to kidnap teenager at Memphis Olive Garden

Kidnapping crimes in Memphis are rare, but to their victims, they can be quite scary. But sometimes accusations of kidnapping occur and reputations can be ruined just by being accused of such a serious crime.

Memphis woman robbed in driveway

Memphis residents who pay any attention to the news know that violent crimes receive a lot of coverage. Typically, the public can be captivated by news stories about crimes, and often the person accused of doing the crime is believed to be guilty before they even are charged with the crime. Because the public is so quick to judge, defendants in a violent crime situation, such as robbery, should be aware of their legal rights. Even accusations can be harmful for those accused as their personal reputation can forever be ruined.

Ex-Titans football player arrested for robbery

Violent crimes such as robbery are not tolerated in today's society. A person who is accused of such a crime faces an uphill battle, both in court and in society. Society tends to believe a person is guilty until proven innocent of violent crimes. For those who have been accused of a violent crime and have a professional reputation to uphold, it is important to have their side of the story told.

Memphis teenager charged with murder at graduation party

A Memphis mother and son were featured on the local news not long ago after a large tree was knocked down in a windstorm and landed on their house. While they survived and found a new home, the unfortunate family's troubles were only beginning. The 18-year old son has recently been charged with first degree murder in connection with a shooting at a graduation party.

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